Dr. Brittany

Dr. Brittany Neeland

Dr. Brittany Neeland grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and always had a love for all animals, both pets and wildlife. She was surrounded by pets throughout her childhood and teen years, owning dogs, cats, and even pet rats and mice. She inherited her love of animals from her father who raised a…

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Dr. Jen Jones

Dr. Jen Jones has had a life long love of animals. She grew up in Hershey, PA and aspired to be a veterinarian from a very young age. She was an avid pony clubber and spent much of her free time during high school and college working in small animal hospitals and at a local…

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Dr. Amy Damers

Dr. Amy Damers earned her degree in veterinary medicine at Cornell University in the year 2000. After graduation she set out to find a job in Connecticut to be near her family and fiancé. While considering five different job offers, she decided on a whim to make the long trip to northwest Connecticut to interview…

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Dr. Dave Sandefer

Dr. Dave Sandefer grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York. Even as a boy he knew his calling, he wanted to be a veterinarian. Throughout high school, he worked with a variety of dogs, cats, and farm animals, first as a caregiver and eventually as a technician. He worked in a veterinary…

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Dr. Dana Baruffo

Dr. Dana Baruffo grew up in nearby Dutchess County, NY. She studied biology and anthropology at SUNY Stony Brook University prior to moving to the Caribbean to study veterinary medicine. Despite the distractions of living near one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Dr. Dana graduated summa cum laude with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine…

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