Pet Stem Cell Treatment in Falls Village, CT

Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is defined as the use of biological therapies including platelet rich-plasma, pluripotent stem cells, and multipotent stem cells to effect therapeutic benefit in disease states. 

Pet Stem Cell Treatment in Falls Village, CT

At Sand Road we are proud to offer Stem Cell Therapy to our clients. But what is Stem Cell Therapy and how can it help our patients? 

Stem Cell Therapy involves taking stem cells, unspecialized cells that are capable of renewing themselves, and using them to help repair other tissue. Because stem cells have the ability to mold themselves to the cells around them, they can be used to help repair damaged cells all over the body. 

The most common use of Stem Cell Therapy in pets is arthritis, but they can be used to aid in ligament repair, spinal cord injuries, and other soft tissue problems like kidney and liver functions. 

Since it is your pet’s own cells that are used within Stem Cell Therapy, it is a relatively safe treatment option. It works by first collecting fat from your pet while they are under anesthesia. That fat collection is then sent to a specialized lab where they extract your pet’s very own stem cells. After that, the cells are injected into the treatment area by your vet and that’s it! 

Your vet will be able to more accurately assess whether your pet is a good candidate for Stem Cell Therapy. 

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