Our Mission

Pets play an integral role in our lives. They offer comfort and companionship, they protect us, and they make us laugh. They are beloved family members, and we want the best veterinary care available for them.

The doctors and staff at Sand Road Animal Hospital LLC. are committed to providing that care. We are proud of the talent and technology we have brought together, and of the compassion and professionalism of our entire health care team. Our mission is to get to know you and your pet personally, and to provide the treatment and preventative care needed to keep your cat, dog, or pocket pet happy and healthy for years to come.

We are passionate about our role as pet caregivers. We use the latest technological advances and surgical treatments. We encourage continuing education for our doctors and staff. And our hospital is evaluated periodically to insure that it meets the highest standards of veterinary care. We appreciate the trust our clients place in us and work hard every day to earn it.

It is the mission of the staff at Sand Road Animal Hospital, LLC to revere, preserve and protect the health if all pets while promoting the bond people share with their animal companions. We are educators, healers, patient advocates and compassionate caregivers who will continually strive for excellence through continuing education and state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. We are a small business dedicated to the success of our human and animal community while offering each staff member an opportunity for a career in veterinary medicine, which will dictate the continued positive growth of our company.

How We Do This:

  • By Fulfilling the Needs of Our Clients – This means to completely perform the actions or services required to satisfy the client. In order to do so, the veterinary staff will have to determine what the needs of the client and patient are. Our staff must be sensitive to those needs and be prepared to take actions to help meet those needs.
  • By Providing Quality Health Services – We provide the best health care service in the area. Our facilities are extremely clean, and we are making use of the facility in the most efficient manner allowable. The equipment is up-to-date and complete. The hospital team is knowledgeable, sincere, and ready to serve. We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of current developments in veterinary medicine and continually upgrade the practice with new equipment and medical procedures.
  • By Presenting Ourselves as Responsible Professional Staff Members – Our staff will be sensitive to the needs of the client and pet and will exercise a sense of urgency to promptly meet the client’s needs. Our employees are professionals. Each employee is proud of the role they play in the hospital team. They take pride in themselves and their work area. They also take pride in the fact that each of our employees is qualified to perform their duties in a highly professional manner.
  • By Emphasizing Individual Attention – We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the client that cares for his or her pet. Each client and pet needs personalized attention and understanding. They not only need our highly qualified medical procedures, but they also need our personalized attention-from the smiles of staff members to the timely progress reports and callbacks.
  • By Commitment to Our Community – Our employees are interested in improving the world they live in. Their role at Sand Road Animal Hospital, LLC improves the quality of life for their clients and patients by contributing to the human-companion animal bond that is so beneficial to today’s fragmented society.