TCVM can be used to address most conditions, including the following:

• General wellness 

• Geriatric wellness 

• Musculoskeletal pain

• Spine and disc disease

• Rehabilitation after injury or surgery

• Adjunct to cancer treatments

• Gastrointestinal problems

• Heart, Kidney, Liver, and other organ disease

• Seizure disorders

• Fecal and urinary incontinence

• Immune mediated disease

• Endocrine disease

• Anxiety, stress

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Acupuncture is the use of specialized needles placed at specific points along energy channels within the body to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions. The dry needle technique is the most common form of acupuncture used, but electro-acupuncture, aqua-acupuncture, moxi-bustion (heat), and implants may be employed as well.


Veterinary Spinal Manipulation is a manual therapy that adjusts the spine and limbs of small and large animals to better align the whole body, similar to
human chiropractic care. Spinal manipulation is used to alleviate pain and stiffness by freeing up nerves and muscles and allows both dogs and cats to move with more comfort and ease. This treatment modality is especially beneficial for any dog or cat suffering from musculoskeletal conditions, geriatric patients, and athletes. Spinal manipulation can put the whole body back into alignment and help prevent future injuries, leading to a better balanced and happier pet.



In Chinese medicine, food is used as a therapeutic agent for the preservation of health and treatment of disease. Adding a variety of whole foods may be suggested in order to improve your pet’s quality of life and diminish many of the problems associated with poor diet.


Herbal medicine is a vital component of TCVM and can be used alone or in
conjunction with other therapies and treatments. Herbs have been used in
Chinese medicine for thousands of years and are an effective, natural
alternative or complement to Western medicine.


At the heart of Chinese Veterinary Medicine lie 5 Elements:
Water, Earth, Wood, Metal & Fire. It was our goal to represent these 5 Elements in our design of the Holistic Center...


The Element of Water: is represented in the Metal Epoxy floor. Water has magnetic properties; it nurtures and sustains. Water’s movement, or lack thereof, closely replicates the flow of Chi energy in your life.


The Element of Earth: is infused throughout the space from the color palette and artwork to the boxwood accents. The elements of earth bind fire, water and air in various proportions, which makes possible the formation of materials with different properties. 


The Element of Metal: is represented with the facing of the
reception desk and the copper rain chain. Metal is the working of change, having the qualities of purification, elimination, and reform.


The Element of Wood: has the energy of a healthy, growing tree.  Vital and strong, Wood helps you move your life upward while anchoring you to your roots, the source of your strength. The apple tree in the lobby represents Wood. 


The Element of Fire: is represented in the lighting under the counter top which is illuminated red. It is also represented in the gas fireplace upstairs. Fire has electrical and creative properties.